Incentives for Investing in Energy Efficiency first

We offer incentives on a wide variety of energy efficiency projects. These incentives can help your business reduce payback time and offset the cost of energy efficiency upgrades.

Incentive amounts are effective June 1, 2023, and are calculated based on annual savings and contingent upon the final review of project details.


Pre-approval is required for custom projects and incentives offered through our Direct Discount Program prior to beginning construction.


Business Incentive Structure
Lighting and Efficient Equipment  $0.05 / kWh 
Custom $0.06 / kWh
Direct Discount Program $0.10 / kWh
CHP/Solar $0.03 / kWh

Important Note:

PPL has updated the program's Total Resource Cost effectiveness requirement. All CHP projects have to meet a minimum TRC of 0.70.  All other projects have to meet a minimum TRC of 0.85.

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