Drives for Motors And Pumps (VFDs)

With single-speed motors using more power than necessary, you can save electricity by switching to variable frequency/speed drives (VFD), to match motors speed with actual load requirements. Let us help. We’ll provide a contractor database, expert assessment and cash incentives toward VFD purchases and installation. 

To be eligible for a rebate, these energy-saving devices must be newly installed on (retrofitting of existing VFDs are not eligible): 

  • HVAC 
  • Cooling tower fans 
  • Chilled water pumps 
  • Condenser water pumps 
  • Hot water pumps 
  • Air compressors 
  • and other motor upgrades 


  • Offset upgrade costs and reduce payback time. 
  • Lower operating costs. New VFDs delivery can help deliver energy savings, paying for themselves quickly. 
  • Reduce maintenance costs. Energy-efficient motors can run cooler, last longer and reduce facility heating loads. 
  • Reduce motor lifecycle costs. 
  • Reduce energy losses through improved design, tighter tolerances, better materials and improved manufacturing techniques.