Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Upgrading your heating, ventilation and air condition (HVAC) systems can make a huge dent in your energy bills. We’ll help you make the switch with our contractor database, identify energy-saving opportunities of your facility and incentives toward energy-efficient chillers, heat pumps and A/C units. .


  •  Offset upgrade costs and reduce payback time. 
  •  Lower operating costs.
  •  Reduce maintenance costs with longer-lasting equipment.
  •  Improve work environment and productivity by increasing comfort and safety.

We will help you find a contractor to assess your facility for eligible incentives toward the installation of high efficiency HVAC equipment and controls including: 

  •   Air conditioners - air-source / water-cooled / evaporatively-cooled.
  •  Electric chillers - air-cooled / water-cooled electric chillers.
  •  ECM circulating fans.
  •  Evaporator fan controllers. 
  •  Heat pumps - air-source / geothermal / water-source heat pumps.
  •  Occupancy sensors.
  •  Ventilation fans.