Small Business

Want to be more energy efficient but fear the upfront cost and time? Join the hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses saving and energy and money by taking advantage of our flexible energy efficiency programs. We help you determine which program is right for you and guide you through the incentive process, saving you time to focus on your business.


Saving Money & Energy is Easy


1. Direct Discount: Attractive incentives through our contractor network for measures such as lighting, compressed air, and refrigeration are available to help small and medium-sized businesses offset project costs. All PPL Electric GS-1 or GS-3 rate code customers are eligible. Learn more about our Direct Discount Program

2. Instant Discounts: If you want to do lighting upgrades yourself, you can receive savings instantly by purchasing qualified products from one of our participating distributors.  Learn more about our Instant Discounts Program

3. Standard Program Offering: For projects that may not qualify in the programs above or that may be a bit more complicated, you can still qualify for incentives. Learn more about our Standard Program Offering