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Compressed Air

If your business has an energy project not listed on our website, let us know. We’ll come visit your facility to determine eligibility. 

We offer custom project rebates of $.06/kWh saved annually toward new construction, retrofits, building upgrades and more. Once we identify energy-saving opportunities at your facility, we’ll provide a contractor database, and rebates toward qualifying energy efficiency projects.

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Small Businesses can receive enhanced rebates.

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Custom rebates may be available for:

  • Building control systems that are not required by code (e.g., demand control ventilation or exhaust air heat recovery)

  • Building operation training

  • Compressed air system upgrades

  • Economizers

  • Energy management system installation

  • Industrial process upgrades

  • New construction or renovation projects that involve multiple building systems and exceed state energy codes (e.g., lighting, HVAC and building envelope codes)

  • Water/wastewater system improvements

And, you can estimate your rebate!


  • Apply for rebates of $.06/kWh saved annually, offsetting upgrade cost and reducing payback time 
  • Lower operating costs
  • Lower maintenance costs, upgrading your facility can help prevent unexpected breakdowns and reduce repairs
  • Improve work environment and productivity by increasing comfort and safety