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Computer Equipment

DID YOU KNOW? Nearly half of employees in the United States, who use a computer at work, fail to shut it down before they head home for the night. This bad habit ends up costing about $2.8 billion in unnecessary energy costs every year. 
Source: Alliance to Save Energy 

PC power management software can cut annual energy costs by automatically placing your desktop computers into a low-power sleep mode after a period of inactivity.  Add a smart surge protecting power strip, and the savings increase.

We provide rebates toward the purchase and installation of smart power strips and PC power management software. These rebates are based on your annual kWh savings, which varies by your operating hours and type of business. 


  • Apply for rebates. Reduce payback time and offset the cost of software installation with PPL Electric Utilities cash rebate of $.07/ kWh saved annually
  • Lower operating costs. PC power management can save up to $50 per desktop computer annually*
  • Lower energy use. Managing your PC power consumption can cut IT-related energy costs by up to 60%*


Sample Savings— and you can estimate your rebate.

Project # of Units Estimated Annual kWh Savings1 Rebates2
Desktop computer 1,000 250,000 $ 17,500
Desktop computer 500 125,000 $ 8,750
Desktop computer 100 25,000 $ 1,750

1 Pennsylvania 2016 Technical Reference Manual. 
Based on $0.07/kWh saved. Actual incentive rate per kWh may vary.
Please note: Rebates will vary based on facility type and hours. Consult a program engineer for information.