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Demand Response

Are you a commercial customer including manufacturing, industrial, agricultural, government, non-profit or educational looking to earn revenue for reducing your peak electricity usage?

The PPL Demand Response Program is a load curtailment program that is designed to help PPL Electric Utilities to cost-effectively reduce peak demand on its system.

PPL is offering this program to qualifying commercial customers through its demand response curtailment service provider (DR CSP), CPower, for the 2018 curtailment season. The 2018 curtailment season runs from June 1 – September 30, 2018.

The Program’s Basic Requirements:

  • Curtailable load: at least 100 kW peak demand
  • Must have real-time metering capability (CPower can help if you do not)
  • PPL Electric Utilities customer who shop for electricity are eligible for the Demand Response Program.
  • Not available to residential customers
  • The operational capacity to curtail the MWs committed to the program
  • A desire to earn more revenue from DR programs, reduce peak demand and save energy

Contact us for more information on PPL's Demand Response Program, or call CPower at 844-422-8129.