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Want to cut down on energy costs? Switch to energy-efficient lighting. LED lighting can save you up to 50 percent on energy costs, while fluorescent lighting can lower energy use by 25 percent or more.

Advances in lighting technologies mean upgrading to high-efficiency lighting goes beyond changing lamps and bulbs. Whether it’s reconfiguring your lamp layout or installing occupancy sensors so lights only turn on when needed, we’ll help you find the best solution for your business.

To make the transition easier, we’ll help you identify energy-saving opportunities of your facility, access to our contractor network and rebates for eligible projects. Are you aware of the Requirement for ENERGY STAR 2.1 or DLC 4.3 product qualifications? Click below to learn more:

ENERGY STAR 2.1 Specifications

DLC 4.3 Technical Requirements

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Small Businesses can receive enhanced rebates.

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  • Apply for rebates and reduce payback time
  • Lower your electricity bills
  • Longer lasting bulbs, for reduced maintenance
  • Better lighting improves your work environment, comfort, safety, and may improve productivity

What can you save? Estimate your rebate with our lighting calculator.

Project-lighting Unit Estimated Annual kWh Savings1 Rebates2
Street lamp (400W metal halide to 150W LED) per fixture 640 $32
Fluorescent-high bay light (metal halide to T5) per fixture 450 $23
Parking lot light (250W HPS to 120W LED) per fixture 363 $18
Exterior flood light (150W metal halide to 42W LED) per fixture 307 $15
Office Building light (75W PAR30 recessed lamp to 10W PAR30 LED) per fixture 90 $4.50
Florescent to linear LED per fixture 53 $3

1 Pennsylvania 2016 Technical Reference Manual. 

2Based on $0.05/kWh saved. Actual incentive rate per kWh may vary.

Please note: Rebates will vary based on facility type and hours. Consult a program engineer for information.