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Energy accounts for more than half of a farm’s operating expenses, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. By saving energy, your farm can allocate more funds toward crucial resources. 

We can help. We’ll find you an expert contractor to assess your property for energy-saving opportunities. Then, we’ll provide a customized report with upgrade options and qualifying rebates toward energy-efficient pumps, VFD, lighting, irrigation and more.

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Should you update your equipment? 5 questions to ask:

1.     Do you have speed controls on your vacuum pumps and compressed air system?
2.    Do you have controls on your circulating fans?
3.    Are high-volume, low-speed fans installed?
4.    Do you have a low-pressure irrigation system installed?
5.    Are your livestock waterers insulated?

Lower costs, maximize comfort

Apply for rebates
Lower electricity costs
Reduce equipment wear   
   and maintenance

Sample Savings— Estimate your rebate with our Agricultural Savings calculator.

Project Unit Estimated Annual kWh Savings1 Rebates2
Dairy scroll compressor per unit 17,000 $ 850
Vacuum milk pump (10 HP) per unit 13,000 $ 650
High efficiency ventilation fans per fan 500 $ 25
Fluorescent-high bay light (metal halide to T5) per fixture 450 $ 23

1 Pennsylvania 2016 Technical Reference Manual. 
Based on $0.05/kWh saved. Actual incentive rate per kWh may vary.
Please note: Rebates will vary based on facility type and hours. Consult a program engineer for information. 


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