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Waitlist FAQs

A: All energy efficiency projects in the GNE sector submitted after Jan 15, 2018 will be waitlisted due to high demand. To put the project on the waitlist, customers must submit a rebate application for pre-approval if the project will be completed before May 31, 2021.

Previously submitted GNE applications that have received a Rebate Reservation Letter are approved.

A: Due to the high demand of GNE projects to date by the program, all applications for projects received after January 15, 2018 will be waitlisted. Waitlist projects are not guaranteed funding. However, waitlist projects will be the first projects considered if additional funding becomes available. As some existing reserved projects are canceled or program funding increases, waitlisted projects will be reserved for funding.

A: Waitlisted projects may be completed but funding is not guaranteed until the project status has been changed to “reserved.” Completing the project will not change funding status or rebate eligibility.

A: All existing reserved projects and complete pre-approval applications received before 11:59 p.m. January 14, 2018 will be honored and remain eligible for rebates if they are completed by May 31, 2021. Please contact the PPL Energy Efficiency Program at 806-432-5501 if you require a reservation extension if your project is delayed.

A: All existing Direct Discount projects in the system before 11:59 p.m. January 14, 2018 are reserved for funding and will not be placed on the waitlist, and rebates will be processed accordingly.

A: Only complete pre-approval applications submitted until after 11:59 p.m. January 14, 2018 will be reserved. If a pre-approval application is not completed and submitted after 11:59 p.m. January 14, 2018, it will be placed on the waitlist.

A: Verification can be demonstrated by either a signed contract for the project work (with scheduled completion date), or a signed proposal with agreed upon completion date.

A: At this time, there is no information about Phase 4 energy efficiency programs.  More information is expected after January 2021.

A: All projects expected to be completed after 1/15/2018 are encouraged to complete a pre-approval application to reserve funding for their project or to reserve a spot on the waitlist if funding becomes available.

A: Yes, the approved funding for GNE is fully committed.  PPL is evaluating whether it can increase funding for GNE. That decision requires stakeholder input and PaPUC approval and will likely take more than 6 months.  PPL will advise customers and program contractors if it requests and receives additional GNE funding.

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