Choose your efficiency level and join us on an energy-saving road trip!

With everything going on, we know your time has been stretched thin, and that saving your business money is more important than ever. We’ve gathered some energy saving resources that can make the road to recovery a bit easier. As your business gets back on track and adjusts to the moment, we’re here to make the path to energy efficiency easy, clear and affordable.




Beginner stops

Learn the basics

Understand your energy usage

Get familiar with your kilowatt hour (kWh) history by reviewing your energy bills for the past year and comparing how your usage changes over time. Take into account how weather, temperature and operating hours may impact your usage to begin identifying savings opportunities.

Free ways to learn:
  • Browse through our small business programs and incentives for a high-level overview.
  • Use ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager to track and assess your energy and water use.
  • Contact our team to chat with experts and discuss your energy saving goals.

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Energy efficiency in action

Note: Video was recorded prior to 2020 and does not reflect current COVID-19 protocols.

Case studies

Watch how small local businesses have partnered with us in the past to make affordable upgrades that saved them money and energy while making their space more comfortable and appealing year round.

Boyer’s Food Market   Classic Drycleaners and Laundromats   View all case studies


Easy starting points

DIY energy efficiency tips

Ready to make your first improvement? Use one of our savings calculators to help guide your first upgrade.

Estimate your savings

Intermediate stops

Understand your energy usage

Contractor incentives

Whether you’re making your first upgrade or deciding where to save next, we’ve got you covered. With the PPL Electric Direct Discount Program, you’ll get incentives on common projects like lighting, compressed air and refrigeration right away, no paperwork required.

Here’s how it works:
  • Choose a incentives-eligible upgrade.
  • Find a Direct Discount contractor.
  • Have your equipment and systems installed by your participating contractor.
  • Receive your direct discount to offset your costs by up to 80 percent!

Start saving


Save instantly on LEDs

Distributor incentives

If you have a small lighting project or just need a few LEDs, we offer instant lighting discounts for our business customers at participating distributors. Find a distributor near you, save instantly, then install your energy-saving lights or ask a contractor for help! Easy as that.

View instant discounts  Find a distributor


Get ready for bigger savings

Watch, learn, save

Dive in and watch one of our in-depth energy efficiency webinars to learn about larger projects that may be just what you need to take your savings to the next level. From larger lighting upgrades to compressed air systems, we’ll guide you through detailed savings opportunities so you’re set up for success.

Watch Behind the Bulb  Learn about compressed air

Advanced stops

Upgrade to energy-saving equipment

All incentives offers

When you’re ready to install energy-efficient equipment or plan a custom project, we’ll cover 50 percent of the project costs (up to $500,000) as a thank you for being an energy efficiency leader. Check out the link below for a full list of available incentives.

Applying for your incentives is easy!

  • Submit your application through our online portal.
  • Complete your on-site verification.
  • Have your equipment and systems installed by your participating contractor.
  • Send in any necessary supporting documentation.
  • Receive your incentives check and enjoy saving energy all year!

Start saving 


Grants, loans and tax credits

Additional support and funding

We’re not alone in helping small businesses use less energy. State and federal offers can often help you save even more on your energy efficiency upgrades. Take a look and see what applies to you!

  • American Recovery and Reinvestment Act 2009 - Pennsylvania Recovery Act funds are available to advance energy efficiency for businesses.
  • Small Business Advantage Grant Program Pennsylvania DEP is now accepting applications for small business advantage grants for pollution prevention and energy efficiency projects.
  • The Sustainable Energy Fund Financing is available to assist energy users in overcoming financial barriers to a sustainable energy future.

See all available assistance 

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